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A year full of contrasts: with a high average temperature and low air humidity, 1998 was theoretically a hot, dry year…yet it was extremely troubled! Despite rainy harvests, a “little wine miracle” allowed us to produce a great vintage that will benefit from age. The harvests at Latour took place from 22 September and 5 October, between the showers; at times the very rainy, damp weather made us lose all hope of producing an exceptional vintage… But we had not allowed for nature’s capacity to surprise and the strength of a great terroir!


The wines are dense, structured and tannic. The fruit recalls the 1988, but riper, and the constitution of the 1986, but less austere. Long on the palate, these wines develop strong aromas of liquorice and black cherry. Very classic, the Grand Vin is a typical expression of the power of the terroir of Latour’s “Enclos”.


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Château Latour’s Grand Vin is made exclusively from “vieilles vignes”, an average of 60 years-old, in the Enclos. Gravettes, Sarmentier, Pièce de Château… these are the names of some of the finest plots that express the character of the terroir and forge the wine’s identity every year.

The heart of the Enclos is the only terroir that, every year, can produce the depth, elegance and concentration that we expect of the Grand Vin. It is here that the Cabernet Sauvignon (accounting for more than 90% of the blend) can achieve optimal expression in terms of colour, richness and freshness. These wines need time – often a decade- before they begin to be ready for drinking.

In great vintages, the power and energy of Château Latour’s wines enables them to continue to develop for several decades with ease. The bouquet and impressions on tasting gradually evolve, becoming increasingly complex, ultimately reaching a peak, after which the tannins soften and then the wine slowly declines. Beyond the pleasure of drinking them, these wines can produce powerful feelings and unforgettable moments.

Château Latour is also known for having the ability to produce fine wines even in difficult years.

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