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Château-Figeac owes its distinctive character to the unique combination of Gunzian gravel outcrops and clay subsoil, several microclimates and the mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot planted in the vineyard. This unusual blend, with its majority two-thirds Cabernet, gives the wine both structure and refinement, freshness and smoothness. Since the early years of the present century the wine has become more approachable in its youth, offering a more caressing mouthfeel, without losing its incomparable uprightness over the years.
Its ability to age for decades is quite exceptional, revealing an inimitable and complex bouquet as the years go

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Château-Figeac has always been acknowledged as one of the top Bordeaux wines with the best ageing potential, gaining a highly flavourful and succulent complexity over the years. It can be enjoyed just as much in its youth as after several decades.
First to be appreciated is the colour, with deep shades of crimson that recall Tyrian purple. On the nose, the wildly appealing Merlot notes of its youth give way to striking depth that is balm to the soul of all Cabernet lovers.
Its aromas reflect the lightness of the soil, expressed in a highly subtle, ethereal bouquet in which notes of peony, infused fruit and graphite demonstrate bright vitality. The two-thirds of Cabernet in the blend quite literally sculpt the body, strengthening the grip from the mid-palate and rolling out a long, taut and vibrant backbone with very pure mineral notes on the finish. The whole is perfectly enfolded in lush, satin tannins in the style of the highest of high fashion. With time, the wine develops flavours of tobacco-leaf with hints of black truffle, while retaining incomparable freshness of fruit. A glimpse of perfection…

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