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  • Domaine Albert Grivault Bourgogne Blanc 2018

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    The wine has complex aromas of ripe pear, baked apple, and lemon zest. It also has oaky notes of butter, oak, and vanilla. The taste is broad, floral, and round, with elegant acidity.

  • Wild & Wilder The Wild Ones Chardonnay 2022

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    “Discover the exquisite taste of Wild & Wilder The Wild Ones Chardonnay 2022, where sophistication meets wild, untamed flavors. Perfectly crafted from hand-picked grapes, this Chardonnay seamlessly blends traditional winemaking with a touch of modern flair.

    – Aromatic Profile: Enjoy an explosion of aromas as soon as you uncork the bottle. You’ll notice hints of crisp green apple, pear, and a whisper of citrus, all harmoniously blended with a subtle note of vanilla and toasted oak.
    – Taste and Texture: On the palate, this Chardonnay delivers a robust and textured experience. It features a vibrant acidity balanced elegantly with creaminess, creating a lush, full-bodied mouthfeel that lingers pleasantly.
    – Pairing Suggestions: This Chardonnay is versatile and food-friendly. It’s perfect with seafood dishes like grilled salmon or shrimp, and equally delightful with creamy pasta or a fresh Caesar salad.
    – Occasion: Whether it’s a casual gathering with friends or a festive holiday dinner, Wild & Wilder The Wild Ones Chardonnay 2022 is a splendid choice that adds a touch of wild sophistication to any occasion.

    Explore the wild side of Chardonnay with every sip!”

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