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Château Pavie

Pavie Macquin, took its name from Albert Macquin. The name of Macquin is famous today for more than being attached to a St. Emilion chateau. Albert Macquin was a true pioneer. He deserves much of the credit for solving the phylloxera epidemic. It was his idea to graft vines needed onto rootstocks. This helped save not only St. Emilion, but much of Bordeaux and the vineyards of Europe from the devastation being caused by the by nonstop phylloxera attack.

The current owners of Pavie Macquin are Benoit and Bruno Corre, Marie-Jacques Charpentier. They own Pavie Macquin, along with their childern. Prior to 1998, the estate was not producing wines at the level of its terroir. To know this, all you have to do is taste the wines of Pavie Macquin from before 1998 and compare them with the wines they started making in 1998, up until today to understand how far they have come at Pavie Macquin.

The vines average over 40 years of age, and now that Perse has completed his replanting program they are dominated by Merlot which accounts for 60%, although there is a good proportion of Cabernet Franc at 30% and also Cabernet Sauvignon, which covers just 10%. Future plantings will focus on the Cabernets rather than Merlot. The vineyards were modified by means other than mere replanting though; in 2001 the Pavie vineyard absorbed the vines of neighbouring La Clusière, all 2.5 hectares, as well as 9 hectares of Pavie-Decesse. In addition, 6 hectares on the lower reaches of the Pavie slopes, on sandy soils, were declassified, a move which would no doubt bolster the quality of the wine but was perhaps also aimed at sweetening the INAO, who approved the reclassificat

Chateau Pavie and Angelus Promoted in St Emilion Classification 2012

The biggest news in the fine wine industry this week was the promotion of Chateau Pavie and Chateau Angelus to “Premier Grand Gru Classe A” Status, in the most recent 2012 classification of St Emilion. The reclassification of St Emilion (a wine growing region in Bordeaux) occurs around once every 10 years, has now been released with its two newest elite members joining Chateau Cheval Blanc and Chateau Ausone at the top of the pyramid.
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